The Corporate Life in Chicago

June 10 - July 9, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience
Our 30 days in Chicago just flew by! We ended up in a corporate apartment since Tara's contract stipulated that she received 30 days free housing when she was repatriated to America. We weren't complaining about free housing. Plus, Tara felt more comfortable quitting her job only after she received all the money the company owed her from her Japan contract.

We had a good month filled with seeing friends, family and making last minute preparations.

Still need to write more as of 1 Jan 2001
Taco Bell the first meal - DIRTY
The open house on a Sat early in our trip
Seth's week in Columbus

Dinners with:
Darren and Niki - Thai
Gary at the Lizard
Grace & Jeff at their place
Nancy & Pete for July 4th

Final Work Moments:
The Mashed Potato Club dinner on Thursday
Surprising Seth with Gary and taking our prisoner to Great America on Friday

Bye bye Chicago. Hello World.


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Overall Experience 8  
Ease of Journey 8
Accommodation 7
Activities 8
Coolness 7
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Great America!