Columbia, Missouri

Jan 12 - 14, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We spent a weekend at Rez and Steph's house in Columbia, Missouri. The last time we'd seen Rez and Steph was when we lived in Evanston, so we hadn't met any of their kids yet. It was a very nice to be able to meet everyone and catch up while having a fun weekend that included a yummy Indian dinner, relaxing in a downtown coffee shop, a tour around town, bowling, playing with the kids, homemade lasagna and a funny movie called Road Trip.

We spent most of our time gathered around the Kitchen Island. This kitchen connected directly to a dining and living area. It was a great house layout since everyoe was always together if they were in any three of these "rooms".

At the Bowling Alley on Saturday. It was CROWDED!

Rez, Steph and Cameron. Cameron didn't bowl.
Sophie rolling. Ronnie & Steph watching.
This would be Seth's perfect bowling form that he learned in high school. He actually bowled a strike this time (without using the rails even!)
Seth getting his hair cut by Rez. It turned out really well & the price was right!!
Sophie won (as usual)

- driving from St. Louis to Columbia (no Dairy Queens as in our last drive Seatle to Vancouver)! Ozarkland (no doraemon :-( )
- meeting the family: Cameron - 6 months, Ronnie - 2.5, Sophie - 5. Holding a baby (Cameron) for the first time.
- Indian food & a stop in a coffee shop in the lively downtown area
- breakfast & always standing around the kitchen island or on stools talking/eating. Nice big space that everyone shared
- our great little private "apartment" downstairs
- neighborhood tour + bowling on Saturday
Those rails really helped. Tara made it over 100 (102 exactly) since on her last turn, her ball bounced off the rails and she got a spare! Seth outdid her by winning with a 133 (after bouncing HIS ball off the rails to get  strike in the 10th frame!!!). Rez was in pain since otherwise he would have won. The SLOW, SLOW, SLOW route of Ronnie (and even Sophie)'s balls. The numerous times they were able to play again since the force of their throw didn't register in the automatic scorer.
- Looking at REALLY nice, but so much cheaper than Chicago houses
- The trip to the winery overlooking the Missouri River (but all rainy and fancy food)
- Lasagna at home with yummy apple pie and ice cream. Feeding a baby for the first time.
- The funny movie (Road Trip)
- Seth playing "tick tock" with Ronnie & Sophie. Trouble. Then getting tired out!
- One last bfast (pancakes)


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