Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Feb 18, 2001

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

Tara had been trying to talk to her high school friend Kim since arriving in Maui. By the day before we were leaving, Tara still hadn't talked to Kim. Finally, she found out where Kim worked from her son and we headed to Tommy Bahama's in the new Wailea shopping center.

Not only did Kim buy us the brownie desert we'd ordered, but she also invited us back to her house and we had a very enjoyable evening with friends!

While we were waiting for Kim to get off work, we walked to the coast. Seth settled into a nice spot on a hill and watched for whales. Tara couldn't sit still so she walked and walked and walked towards the Kea Lani.

Seth spotted many whales. Some were spouting water, others were jumping up out of the water and one was very actively waving his tail back and forth. By the time Tara came back from her walk (a little later than planned and she hadn't even reached the Kea Lani) it was time to go back to Tommy Bahamas since Kim was getting off work.

We were excited to have seen whales. Seth delayed a little longer in order to show Tara the waving whale tail. Our monocular from Tara's Mom sure came in handy today. We were very happy that we brought it with us!

At Kim's house we met her son Anthony and saw her sister and Mom again. We enjoyed sitting and talking out on the balcony, plus had a tasty steak dinner. After dinner two friends came over and we started playing a board game. There was a lot of drinking and smoking going on, so someone suggested we move the to a local karaoke bar. Tara thought the karaoke bar was fun, Seth got stuck talking to a local drunk. Seth's big surprise of the night was when we were driving home and did a "Chinese fire drill". He'd never gotten out of a car while it was stopped at a corner and run around it before piling back inside. We stopped for fire drills at least.

In the morning we gathered all our clean laundry, made hotel reservations in Los Angeles and spent a brief time at a local beach before boarding the plane for our next destination.

We did leave one of Seth's gadgets in Maui. He'd put the very powerful, tiny flashlight that he'd bought at Eddy Bauer in Vancouver onto the rental car key chain. It had come in very handy in Hana and Pa'ia. Unfortunately, when we were returning the car we forgot to remove the flashlight from the key chain. We'd mentioned removing the flashlight a few days before we were leaving, but only remember it a day after we'd left. Tara called Alamo from California Adventure. There was no flashlight turned in and the car had already been re-rented. Thus, even though Alamo was going to call us again when the car came back in, we figured we'd seen the last of our handy flashlight  :-(

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8 A really fun unexpected night spent casually with friends.
Ease of Journey 7 The Hana drive was much easier on the way back since it was a clear, non-raining day.
Accommodation N/A We stayed at a friend's house
Activities 7 We had fun at night playing games and going for karaoke. The beach we went to together the following morning was great!
Coolness 7 A fun night. 

Tourist Info

United Airlines from Seattle to Los Angeles to Honolulu
United Airlines from Kahului to Los Angeles

Rental Car from Alamo
White Camaro Convertible
$256.42 for one week. A little more than $100 for an extra two days.
Seth left a little flashlight he'd purchased at Eddie Bauer on the car key chain. (like in Chicago when the safety deposit box key was left on the rental car keychain).
We'd didn't get to stay at the B&B recommended by Grace & Jeff: Fountainhead on Maui.