Mableton, Georgia

Oct 27 - Nov 3, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We enjoyed another week at Tara's Dad's house almost a full year after our last visit. Yet again, we enjoyed large amounts of Norma's cooking and enjoyable evenings watching TV from recliners.

We also spent time at the local library and found a place to live in Vancouver from January to June of 2002. Stumbling across the web site was very exciting.

Tara throughly enjoying sitting at a picnic out in the yard, studying Japanese and enjoying the warm Autumn tempatures.

By now Kenny and Chris' new house was completed and we were impressed when we toured it.

This trip we made it to downtown Atlanta. Our plan was to go for burgers and fries at the Alumni Club on Thursday night. However, we changed that plan as soon as we saw the mobs of people grabbing a bite to eat before a game. Seth was very impressed with Kenny maneuvering Norma's Lincoln (aka land yacht) through the busy downtown traffic. We ended up at another favorite restaurant of my Dad's and Norma's. It was tasty!

We enjoyed watching the World Series Games nearly every evening. New York was playing Phoenix and we all wanted Phoenix to win since they were such underdogs.

Seth also managed to arrange a lunch with another of his Sanctum game-playing friends living in the Atlanta area.

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 9
Ease of Journey 5
Accommodation N/A
Activities 7
Coolness 8

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Delta Airlines from Tampa to Atlanta