Disneyworld, Florida

Oct 15 - 25, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We decided to head back to Orlando since our annual Disneyworld passes that we bought last December were still valid.

This time we had absolutely no pre-arranged plans. We were hoping for some good bargains, but after our experience in New England, we were not believing the news reports about spectacular travel savings. After a night in an airport hotel and breakfast at Waffle House, we rented a car and started hunting for a hotel.

In the end, we went to the Official Tourist Information Office and looked in their "black book" of last-minute deals. We found two hotels and one condo association that we wanted to check-out. The first hotel, a Holiday Inn on Route 192 in Kissimmee was nothing exciting. We also had a look at the Extended Stay America near Tourist Information since we'd always wanted to stay in an Extended Stay America property. We then went to the condo association and asked to see the 2-bedroom condo they had available. It was just what we wanted! A place of our own to settle in for the duration of our stay!

We went grocery shopping at WalMart and settled in for the evening. Tara enjoyed the "alternate bed" (ie. couch) and Seth enjoyed the TV. Having our own place where we could spread everything out and cook at home was exciting.

During the days, we visited the Disney properties. Tara also got in the habit of walking every day. She walked through the nearby housing developments and noted how temporary a lot of the housing looked. In just the small area near our place, there were five additional housing developments meant especially for holiday-makers. It was interesting.

We were also fortunate to have a few very warm and sunny days. On the first such day, we decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon, a wate-park. Instead of paying the daily entrance fee, we checked on how much it would cost to upgrade the annual passes we'd bought almost a year ago. It was REALLY CHEAP! Under $14 would give us as many entrances to the water parks, the video arcade, sport arena and Pleasure Island. I'm glad we checked on the upgrade option.

Typhoon Lagoon was FUN! We were exhausted after a few hours.

Blizzard Beach is where we headed on the next hot day. The slides were more frightening here, but not as fun for us since the lines were long.

We also enjoyed the video arcade and splurged on Nobita (a Circ du Solei performance). This was the 4th time we'd seen Circ du Solei and the performance did not let us down.

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Providence, Rhode Island -> Orlando, Florida
Southwest Airlines

Brightstar Resorts organized a 2-bedroom condo for us at Sweetwater Club in Kissimmee, Florida
We found a discount rate for this condo in the official tourist Info office's "black binder"
$39 per night + $25 cleaning fee + tax

Drove from Orlando to St. Petersburg