Seattle, Washington

Aug 8 - 10 & Aug 15 - 16, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

Our initial welcome back into the US after six months away was not a pleasant one. "Welcome to Seattle, walk through this  metal detector. Welcome to Seattle, there are no hotel rooms available in the city. Welcome to Seattle, that will be 630 dollars for a 7-day car rental." Unbelievable!!

Finally we found a hotel room and decided to make things easy by taking a taxi into the city. We were apaulled at how difficult even getting out of the airprort was. We had to take an elevator from the ground floor to the 1st floor and cross a pedestrian bridge only to take an elevator from the 1st floor to the ground floor where the taxis were waiting.

Our hotel was nothing special, but it had a bed. And even though we'd flown first class from Tokyo to Seattle, we were still exhausted and were having trouble adjusting to the time change. We decided to take a small nap before exploring the city. At about 4pm, we woke up, Tara organized a car for the next day, Seth checked e-mail and by about 6pm, we were ready to look for dinner. We were staying about 4 blocks from the market, so that's where we headed first. All the market stalls were closed! We then wandered around nice-looking, deserted streets. The majority of the other people on the streets looked homeless. The only place in town that seemed open was the indoor mall. So, we ate at the foodcourt for dinner.

Maybe the nap wasn't such a good idea, not only were we definitely Sleepless in Seattle that night, but who would have figured that Seattle's downtown was deserted after working hours.We ended up staying another night and had a slightly better impression of Seattle during the day, but still a majority of the people downtown looked to be homeless.

When we left downtown, we headed to Enumclaw, where Seth's Sanctum gaming friend, Grok, lived.

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