Pa'ia, Maui, Hawaii

Feb 10 - 19, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

This trip to Maui was different from our last two vacations here because we were on a budget. We couldn't afford to stay at the Kea Lani as we'd done twice before. The top-floor, ocean-front room that we call "ours" at the Kea Lani now cost US$575 + 11.4% tax. When we were married at the Kea Lani, the same room cost US$193 + tax. Needless to say, we expected to have a different vacation experience this time because of our budget limitations.

Our first three days on Maui were disappointing. We were staying in a little apartment off the Hana Highway just past a town called Paia. The apartment was a bit more run down that we'd have liked - but it was clean and had a well-stocked kitchen. We were also walking distance to a beautiful stretch of coastline in front of the Mama's Fish House restaurant. There was even a little kitty who came to our porch that Tara played with. We didn't really fit into the "I live to surf" crowd in Paia, but everyone was friendly and even put up with us when we set off our car alarm twice in one night. Everyday we'd drive into the town of Kahului for lunch and one day we even drove across the island to re-visit the Kea Lani. Things were fine, but not great.

We mulled over exactly why we weren't having a great time and decided that it was a combination of rainy weather, no ocean view and no new experiences to relish. That all changed when Seth decided to take the road to Hana. On our past two trips to Maui, we didn't relish spending over five hours in a car on a single day - thus, we never took the day trip to Hana. This time, since we didn't have a hotel booked elsewhere on the island, we drove to Hana with the expectation of finding a room and spending the night.


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United Airlines from Seattle via Los Angeles to Honolulu
United Airlines from Kahului to Los Angeles
$19.42 for the LA - Honolulu / Kahului - LA leg since we used vouchers

Rental Car from Alamo
White Camaro Convertible
256.42 for one week. A little more than 100 for an extra two days.
Seth left a little flashlight he'd purchased at Eddie Bauer on the car keychain. (like in Chicago when the safety deposit box key was left on the rental car keychain).