Phoenix, Arizona

Sep 25 - 28, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We headed to Phoenix with strong concerns for Seth's friend's Mark's health. Seth had heard over the weekend from his friend Tim that Mark was flying to a special neurological hospital in Phoenix because a congenial defect was causing slow bleeding in a very deep part of Mark's brain.

Tara really used all of her travel planning skills when she booked these tickets. We altered our first class (Tokyo - Seattle - Orange County) frequent flier tickets so that we arrived in Phoenix. Tara also had two routes out of Phoenix covered: Columbus, Ohio in case we needed to go home and Providence, Rhode Island in case we decided to go see the Fall foliage.

When we arrived at the hotel across the street from the hospital, we were very encouraged to hear that Mark had checked out of the hospital that morning. After a quick reunion with Mark, his wife Tara, and Tim; we headed to our own room that we were sharing with Tim while Mark took a nap. Tim caught us up on what had happened and we were very relieved to hear that Mark was now getting better instead of worse.

The next few days were spent hanging out at the pool and eating together. Talking of a Grand Canyon or Senoma trip. But, after spending an afternoon at the cactus garden, deciding against it. Mark was very gung-ho at first in the cactus garden and but lost steam by the end.

Mark often embarrased Tara since he'd say absolutely anything!

Yummy Chinese by the pool

Look closely on the lower right cactus to find the lizard.

We changed our rental car for a big mini-van so that everyone could ride together.

Big nights out included: first night with friends from college at Mexican fast food restaurant
Dinner with Tara and her Dad at Uno's in a neat indoor/outdoor mall
Chinese take away by the pool - yummy!

Daily trips to Starbucks were also a must for Mark. He walked the two blocks to Starbucks every day after we arrived, but this was so tiring that we'd all spend the rest of the morning at the pool as he took a nap.


The drivers in Phoenix are as agressive as in Chicago.

Didn't get to see Ruhl sister. Just no time for anything other than being with Mark.

Deciding to head to New England since Mark looked well on the road to recovery. Mark and Tara assuming our van rental in a mad rush as we hurried to our plane and driving to "some donuts" for their final night!

Using the "indoor porter" trick instead of standing in line. Southwest giving Seth a boarding pass with someone else's name on it.

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