Vancouver, Canada

Jan 26 - Feb 4, 2001

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We came to Vancouver to spend time with our friends Bob and Eileen. Or, as Seth would say, we came to Vancouver to see their dogs, Bailey and Kahlua. It had been a whole six months since he'd last seen Bailey and Kahlua on Salt Spring Island. Therefore, it was good to go visit again. Especially since we hadn't yet been to Bob and Eileen's house that they purchased in 1999.

We really enjoyed being at Bob and Eileen's house - especially with dogs litered around. The large evergreen trees surrounding the house were magnificent. Especially since their front yard is terraced from the house to the street, we had a nice high view out over their street. The house had big, tall windows in the front and back of the living room, so it was very cosy to be inside and just look out over the view - especially when it was raining (as it often was). The most bizarre days were when it was raining in the front yard, but not raining in the back yard.

The dogs appreciated us being home all day since we were their door openers.

Tara's main obsession was to adapt a photo database Bob had created for for In one week, Tara uploaded over 900 photos to our web site and categorized them. This is not to mention the time spent learning the PHP language and the mysql database calls.Unfortunately, she stayed up too late one night and un-categorized 822 of the photos with a simple statement. It should have been: update categories set categoryid = 94 where pictureid > 925. Instead... she wrote update categories set categoryid = 924 where pictureid > 95. Whoops. That changed the category designation on 822 photos! No big deal though, since earlier that day she'd created a report showing which pictures were in which category. She just needed to write all new update statements. A process she undertook on the train from Vancouver to Seattle with an Excel macro.

Here are Bob and Eileen toiling away in the kitchen to make us dinner :-)
We enjoyed eating at home everynight and will have to try two of their recipies at least: The green chicken curry and the tatertots - probably not together.

We did get out of the house onctwice when we were on our own.

Once we drove into West Vancouver, couldn't find the mall, so we kept driving until we found a nice beach to stop at and turn around. The washed up tree trunks on shore were amazing. The view across the water was nice too.

We also took a walk into the nearby Edgeview village. The dogs enjoyed coming along on the walk through the park. The one idylic spot in the park with a small cabin on the edge of a pond was being used to film a TV show. And the stream passing through the park made for a very nice view. We were huffing and puffing our way up a big set of stairs when  Kahlua escaped from her collar and gave Tara a terrible fright. After that, Seth walked Kahlua and a good thing too since just when we were nearing town, Kahlua actively tried again to escape - right on a village street corner! We weren't too confident of walking with them through town, so Seth sat on a bench while Tara went to the grocery store. Later, we learned that Kahlua has a terrible fear of the vet and the vet's office at just past the corner where Kahlua was trying to escape from her collar. Eileen remarked "she's pretty smart for having a brain the size of a kiwi."



Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8
Ease of Journey 5 We flew into and out of Seattle from Chicago since it saved us hundreds of dollars. Bob and Eileen picked us up when we landed and then we took the Amtrak from Vancouver to Seattle. 
Accommodation N/A We had fun staying at Bob and Eileen's
Activities 9 Excellent to have a house with dogs and a super-high-speed, wireless internet connection. 
Coolness 9 It was great to be in Vancouver again and at Bob and Eileen's house. 

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