Jan 7 - ??, 2002

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Our Travel Experience

Photos from Vancouver.

Our original plan was to live in Laura and Roger's apartment near the UBC Campus for five months. We were so excited when we found their rental on Unfortunately, Roger and Laura's plan to work in London for five months fell through and therefore, we had to find a different place to live.

Instead of trying to arrange another rental remotely, we moved in with Bob and Eileen. Since it was Wintertime, we couldn't help with the yard work; but we still tried to fix dinner and clean our hosts. The chicken enchilladas, that Tara learned to make at Nancy's in Chicago, were a big hit! Even Bailey wanted to try them.


At the end of January, we looked in the newspaper for a short term rental downtown. There were a large number of furnished places to choose from. So, after three days of looking, we settled on a well-located one bedroom place in a new building. The dogs looked very forlorn the entire day we were packing.

Our building in the West End


We chose a simply furnished apartment and were glad we did.

One very nice surprise for Tara was the amount of sun shining on our balcony. We looked at places during a very overcast week and since our place in only on the 2nd floor next to a three story building, renting it was a gamble. Thankfully the gamble payed off and Tara can sit on the balcony in the sun.

We quickly made the balcony our home by buying flowers.

We very much enjoyed trying all the local restaurants within walking distance. We also started cooking at home. Especially after buying some cookbooks at a Flea Markets, we took the time to experiment with new dishes. Tara with her first attempt at potato pancakes.

We think our apartment is extremely well located. We can walk to the water in 15 minutes, a major shopping/dining street in 5 minutes, a neighborhood shopping area in 5 mintues and a third shopping area in 10 minutes. One of our favorite places is English Bay. Even in poor weather the views are gorgeous. And on nice days, we like to walk along the seawall to the beach at English Bay. Sometimes we eat lunch at the beach othertimes we've enjoyed the sunset.


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Overall Experience 9 text
Ease of Journey - text
Accommodation 9 text
Activities 8 text
Coolness 10 text

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