Auckland, New Zealand

May 29 - June 5, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We once again enjoyed our stay at the Auckland Hilton.

Having unlimited ability to connect to the internet was again a great pleasure for us. The only reason why we were on for only 11.5 hours on June 2nd was because our Vaio laptop computer froze about an hour after this screen shot was taken.

Our room this time was 626. It was smaller than room 302 where we'd stayed two weeks previously. Even so, there was plenty of table space for us to spread out, connect to the internet and get done numerous banking errands on the first night. Not what we really wanted to do, but necessary.

We again just enjoyed staying in our room all day and sustaining ourselves on Pizza Hut! All we had to do was phone up the concierge desk and in half an hour, James would be up with our pizza!

Our only big day out was for Tara's Birthday on June 3rd, the weather was fine and sunny, so we walked along the Coast to Coast Walkway from Downtown to Mt. Eden and then back. Tara had a great day out. Seth, on the other hand, figured the exercise was good for us, but wouldn't have called it a great day out since it did involve a walk of at least 10 kilometers.

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Auckland Hilton, Princes Wharf

Coast to Coast Walkway