Natadola Beach, Fiji

Mar 24 - 26, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We agree with Lonely Planet - Natadola Beach is a good beach! We were also very happy with the only accommodation choice available: The Natadola Beach Resort, a small 10 room hotel. If one day this beach is developed into "the Waikiki of Fiji" it will be fun to say that we watched sunsets here when it was only the two of us on the beach!

Sunset watching is one of our favorite pastimes when we're at a tropical destination and the sunsets were beautiful two out of the three nights we were on Natadola Beach. The first night was neat since there was a storm off in the distance over the ocean and we could see lightening in the dark clouds. However, where we were, there was no rain and we enjoyed the far off storm as part of the scenery while standing in the water. Waves were lapping up against our legs and occasionally a big wave would come along and soak our shorts. It was fun.

The second night didn't make for a good sunset since it was raining. The third night was a bit rainy, but the rain didn't detract from another beautifully colored sunset as the sun set straight out over the ocean. The colors in these sunsets were so magnificent that the ocean water reflected an array of different colors as the sun set. We were very sad when we had to leave at 6:30pm because our ride to the airport was awaiting. Seth kept taking photos. Even as we were pulling away from the beach, he asked the driver to stop because he got out and took a final photo. It was especially beautiful since we realized it would be our last tropical sunset for a while. 
We also very much enjoyed the swimming pool at the Natadola Beach Resort. Seth actually unexpectedly got to enjoy the pool one morning after breakfast. He should know better than to go close to the edge and lean out over the pool. Seth was looking to see if a frog was sitting in the same spot as the day before when Tara pushed him in. Just to be a sport, she then jumped in after him. We also chose to go swimming many times since it was just so peaceful and nice to the be only ones out in the hotel yard. We liked the design of the pool. The rock steps leading down into it and the arched bridge arching over it really appealed to us. We took lots of photos so that one day if we have our own pool, we can remember some of the features we liked about this pool. 
Another aspect of Natadola Beach Resort that we enjoyed was the abundance of wildlife. We spotted a shy mongoose periodically darting in and out of the vegetation. We came to expect that geckos and frogs would join us for dinner. We opened our door one morning to find a snail clinging to the outside. We hunted for a big green lizard who lived in a particular tree. We never spotted the big green lizard, but we saw at least six smaller green lizards. Tara was also surprised one morning when she handed Seth a bath towel and a small skink jumped onto to her head. Seth rushed to get the camera and was able to just snap a picture as the skink was running down Tara's leg. We are happy to report that Natadola Beach in Fiji is home to approximately 1,000,000,000 less mosquitos than Fafa Island in Tonga. So, even though we did get a few mosquito bites, it was nothing compared to Fafa.  
Finally, we just felt comfortable staying in our room and relaxing. The room was large, nicely decorated with local coconut furnishings, and more luxurious than any place since Waikiki. We had a little enclosed garden in the middle of the room, a large sitting area, a king sized bed and an outdoor enclosed patio. Especially the second day, we were happy to stay in our room. The weather was rainy and Tara had a headache. Thus, we took turns reading, playing on the computer and napping throughout the day. It was a very enjoyable day.

Our most adventurous undertaking was to go snorkeling for an hour. The reef was OK. Seth actually had the keenest eyes and spotted a big green clam and a really, really kool looking lion fish ducked back within the coral. The best part about going snorkeling was that "King Joe" accompanied us.

Joe lived in the nearby village and worked in the resort. We'd been saying hi to him our whole stay and really liked how everyone at the resort introduced themselves to us when we first met them. Joe came along snorkeling with us to show us where the reef was. We would never have found it without his help. Joe's friends from his village who were fishing also had fun with us "teaching" Seth phrases in Fijian. Tara was sure that Seth was NOT getting the correct translations based upon how everyone would laugh and laugh after Seth spoke. We also were treated to a fun authentic historical re-enactment of the discovery of King Joe's island. As we approached land, Joe ran up the beach away from us, dropped to the sand and rolled around. When we walked up to him, he greeted us and started pantomiming how this was his island and we were the first visitors! He had "royal" goats, royal coconuts and royal shells on his island. Tara especially liked the royal shells and collected many of them.
We would recommend Natadola Beach Resort to anyone who wants a do-nothing, get-away-from-it-all vacation! With an internet connection even in the resort office!

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Accommodation   Natadola Beach Resort was a good pick!
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Natadola Beach Resort, Natadola Beach, Fiji
F$220 per night including continental breakfast
F$50 each way for a car transfer between the airport and the resort - you do drive on an unpaved road for 30 minutes. The ride is rough, but exciting as well - especially when you cross the one wide wooden bridge on either side of the railway line!