South Island, New Zealand

June 7 - 15, 2001

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We came to the South Island of New Zealand because we wanted to walk on the Franz Joseph Glacier.

New Zealand's rugged Westland - June 7 to 11
We ended up in Westland because we both wanted to go walking on the Franz Joseph Glacier. In addition to the glacier, we found stunningly gorgeous scenery, more friendly people and some very small quaint towns.

Queenstown again after seven years - June 11 to 13
We had five days left in the South Island after achieving our glacier goal so we decided to drive South to Queenstown. The town has really grown in the last seven years, but the same room from our pre-honeymoon was still there.

Almost out of gas in Cheviot - June 13 to 15
Fill early and often when in New Zealand! We should have learned our lesson in 1994, but we didn't. It was only 6pm and only one hour North of Christchurch, but all the stations had closed. We ended up stopping for the night.

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Overall Experience -
Ease of Journey -
Accommodation  - Punakaiki Rocks Hotel: Beautiful location on a rock covered dark sand beach. Very modern, funky-colored room with a balcony 
Holly Homestead: Friendly B&B just North of Franz Joseph Glacier
Lomond Lodge: same room we stayed in during our 1994 pre-honeymoon
Cheviot Motel: a surprise stop owing to the fact that all gas stations were closed at 6:30pm
Activities -
Coolness -  
Tourist Info

Rental car:
White Nissan Sunny (the minimum level of car we think we'd buy upon returning to America)
NZ Rental Car in Greymouth. NZ$59/day for a one way rental
Punakaiki Rocks Hotel: NZ$110 for 2 people including continental breakfast
Holly Homestead: NZ$80 for 2 people including cooked breakfast
Lomond Lodge, Room #2: NZ$94.40 for 2 people
Cheviot Motel, Room #6: NZ$74 with kitchen, slept up to 7 people & Room #2: NZ$62 with kitchen, slept 2 people