Waipu Cove, New Zealand

May 20 - 23, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

On our second night of our North Island campervan trip, we stopped into a small campground in Waipu Cove. We liked it so much that we ended up staying for three nights before continuing North to our goal of Cape Reinga.We then stopped back for another two nights on our return trip to Auckland.

We enjoyed Waipu Cottages and Camping for many reasons. The camping ground facilities themselves were new and tidy. The bathrooms and kitchen were spotless and well taken care of. The campground setting was pretty. We could not see the Pacific Ocean from our camper, but we could see down small estuary lined with sand dunes. Whenever we walked up the small hill to the bathrooms and kitchen, the view improved. The campground owner was very friendly. We enjoyed talking with Paul and one night even met Sally, his cat. Sally was actually a boy cat and was now deaf at 20 years old. He was a very friendly and healthy 20 year old cat. He came right up to Seth, perched on his lap and seemed to demand "pet me".

We mostly enjoyed lazy days at Waipu Cove. Our big activities were fording the river to reach the beach, shell collecting, napping, computer gaming and reading. Tara spent most of her time cleaning and organizing shells while Seth spent his time finishing Dungeon Keeper Two. We also had an active day where we walked the length of the beach to a small beach aptly named Shelly Beach. Or, maybe the day we rowed the row boat down the estuary was our most active day. Or, possibly the day we did laundry and played billiards and ping pong while waiting for it to finish. Obvsiously, we simply enjoyed relaxing in pleasant surroundings.

 We were shocked at the number of shells littering Waipu Cove Beach. We were again shocked when one morning, after a big storm, the beach was shell-free!


Tara can row. Seth can't!

Stormy morning: no shells, lots of washed up wood:

Lang's Beach:


Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8
Ease of Journey 6
Activities 7
Coolness 9  
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Waipu Cove and Cottages
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