Tokyo, Japan

Mar 28 - Apr 5, 2001

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Our Travel Experience

We enjoyed our week in Tokyo, but it wasn't nearly long enough. Our timing for Hanami (Cherry Blossum Viewing) was perfect and we did get to see most of the friends we wanted to. However, since we couldn't do everything we wanted to in one week, we planned to come back again for three more days after traveling around Japan.

We very much enjoyed staying with our friends Tod and Kristen. At one point, there were five networked computers all with simultaneous internet connections in their office - how couldn't we enjoy our time at their house!
We stayed with Tod and Kristen in the 4th house they've lived in in two years. Since they'd moved after we left Tokyo, we didn't know where their new house was located. Therefore, we figured it was easier to go straight from the aiport and meet them at Brendan's pizza Kaiya restaurant. Plus, it was a Wednesday night and Wednesday night pizza at Brendan's is a weekly event for them. Their new house is very Japanese. It, of course, had the Japanese features we'd always known about: high-tech toilet, high-tech bath and non-fogging mirrors. However, actually staying in their house for a week gave us more insights into Japanese housing. First off, we slept on futons. They were 100% fine. We don't know if sleeping in more than fifty beds over the past ten months has made us accostumed to all sorts of bedding, but a futon on a hard-wood floor was much more comfortable than I would have expected. We also learned what not having central heat means first hand. This fact was very important on the first Saturday we were in Tokyo because it was actually snowing that day! Tara heard from her Japanese teacher that it had been 27 or so years since it had last snowed during hanami season. I guess we were just "lucky". Anyway, different parts of Tod and Kristen's house were so cold that Tara took to huddling close to the portable gas heater and wearing her blanket around the house as a skirt. She also deduced that the lack of central heat in Japanese houses directly led to the invention of the heated toilet seat. 
We were lucky enough to see many friends.
Mike came over for dinner two nights in a row
Steve and Naoko treated us to Mexican
Seth and Ben went to lunch


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Accommodation  N/A We stayed with our friends Tod & Kristen. It was so much fun that we stayed longer than expected.
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