Barcelona, Spain

Nov 1 - 3, 2000

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Our Travel Experience

We had to come to Barcelona to visit a United ticket office in person.  That was NOT fun ... but being in Barcelona again was very enjoyable. 11 hour train journey from Nice.
Tara watched the view. Neat brown rocks after Cannes & beautiful villas overloking the Med sea - one with a supurb pool! 

Seth slept! 

United ticketing story nightmare
Our first glimpse of the Tower was over the tops of some buildings. We were close! 

As we entered the open square with the Tower, our first impression was that the Tower was much rounder and squattier than we had imagined from all the photos we'd seen of it. After a few minutes we became used to its proportions and it didn't look so portly anymore. 

Since we were killing time while we waited 3 hours for our United ticket to be prepared, we wandered the streets. We found a little restaurant to eat in (where deaf people worked since the TV was so loud). Seth's paella was yummy to the last bite. Then we meandered through narrow, old streets until we came to a church square where we settled down to watch a rottweiler dog play with his leash and think about eating other dogs that were passing by. 
We ended up celebrating Seth's 36th birthday in this restaurant/bar starting at 12 midnight. The live music was good (remember hotel california - they took my words) and the bartender from Amsterdam who had travelled 2 years ago through Australia (x day journey in a 450 AUD car through the desert). 

All blondes in the bar and everyone dutch except us 

The firendly cook who used to be a teacher. 

Waiting for the train to Monserrate - surprising compfortable!!  


Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 7
Ease of Journey 4
Accommodation 5
Activities 8 Petting the friendly black kitty was fun!
Coolness 7

Tourist Info

San Marino to Rimini is 45 minutes by bus
Rimini to Bologna is 1 hour by train
Bologna to Firenze is 1 hour by train
Firenze to Pisa is 1 hour by train

Hotel La Torre was the closest 2 start hotel to the train station that was not full! It turned out to be OK.