Cannes, France

Oct 31, 2000

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Our Travel Experience

I'm sure we would have been disappointed if we'd just gone through Cannes on the train without getting off. Thus, I'm glad we stayed an extra day in Nice to take a day trip to Cannes, however we did not like what we saw and couldn't wait to get back on the train. 
Cannes smelled like urine the minute we got off the train in the station. OK - so the stars don't arrive by train. Maybe the city would be better away from the station. 

We headed towards the beach and needed to watch very carefully where we walked since multiple dogs had been walking the sidewalks before us. 

We arrived at the big hall on the beachfront where the Movie Festival is held. It was obviously the off-season since none of the tourist shops were open and there was garbage lying around the boardwalk. Not only a little bit of garbage - big pieces of garbage and large numbers of small bits of paper, cans, etc. etc. 

Tara wanted to walk out onto the not-so-nice looking beach and find a shell for a soveneir. Bad idea. She found a dead-rat before she found any shells. And after the rat, she wasn't keen to look for shells anymore. 

So, we figured, OK - maybe we're still not in the nice part of town. We started walking along the palm-tree lined beach towards the expensive hotels. We walked by Gucci, Ferragamo and numerous other really expensive shops. We were dodging dog pooh the whole way and thinking of the dead rat just across the street from us on the beach. When there was a shop that was not in business anymore, it's entryway was again littered with trash. 

Not a good day trip! 

The film festival entranceway littered with small pieces of garbage and unwanted furniture. 
The one neat aspect of our journey from Nice to Cannes was that on the way back, there was a lady traveling with her cat. 

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Overall Experience 3
Ease of Journey 8
Accommodation N/A
Activities 2
Coolness 5 'cuz we've now been to Cannes

Tourist Info

1/2 hour train ride from Nice.