Disneyland Paris

September 24 - 25, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

Breaking up the journey from London to Zurich by spending a night in Disneyland Paris was a great idea!

Memories only for right now since Seth has been monopolizing the computer with Heros of Might and Magic 3 game!  :-)

A fun time in the station dropping off our luggage as the attendant at the locker area was speaking only French to Seth but had told Tara "I speak English". It was fun of him to have a personality.

Checking in and realizing that we had an Internet connection, TV and bathtub in our hotel room. The price was even the same as in the Imperial College dorm. We didn't even leave the room at Disney until late at night when the need for food forced us out. Seth downloaded mail, Tara slept. It was GREAT! Watching Olympics too.

Dinner at the Hotel Santa Fe restaurant

Getting up early for breakfast and vowing to get into the park early. But, getting sucked into the Internet until after check out time since Seth started a Sanctum game. Tara's web download failing since AOL dropped us, and not having enough time to retry it.

A FUN day at the EMPTY park. Especially when we arrived. The park was empty! We couldn't remember a time when we were on a Disney property that was this empty (well, maybe Tokyo Disneyland on Valentine's day night).

The Indianan Jones backwards ride was a bit rough, but fun. We didn't get a chance to use Fast Pass since there was no wait at all.

The parade when we were in the 2nd row with great seats. And, we picked up a Space Mountain Fast Pass for after the

Sitting outside at night at the American style diner eating dinner. The guy coming by on rollerblades.


Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8
Ease of Journey 9
Accommodation 7 We really were surprised with how nice the room at Disney was for GBP 55. It had a bath for Tara and an internet connection for Seth. Plus a TV.
Activities 8
Coolness 8

Tourist Info

I visited the Paris Disneyland web page and found the number in London to call and make reservations.