Geneva, Switzerland

Nov 14 - 16, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We went to Geneva to visit Seth's high school friend Sophie. They've known each other for twenty years, but hadn't seen each other last since we lived in London and Sophie came to visit. We met Sophie's husband Alberto and her kids Kevin and Christina for the first time. We're glad we endured the long train ride to come visit.

The trains from Seville to Geneva were the last trains we took using our 3 month EuroRail train pass. The night train was a special treat. The man who sold us our tickets didn't tell us any information about the train. Therefore, when we saw the word for "Dinner" on our tickets in Spanish, we didn't know if dinner was included or just available. We decided to err on the side of caution and eat before we boarded. Therefore, we were REALLY full by the end of the 3 course dinner served to us on the train! Even when we were ordering and eating, we didn't know if we'd have to pay for the food or not. We were very happy to learn that it was included in the overnight train price.

When we got back from dinner, our beds were all made up and the man responsible for our car had even put Tara's nightclothes and book nicely ontop of her bedspread. She quickly snuggled up for a cozy night's sleep. Unfortunately Seth, even though he did think this train's bed was extremely comfortable, had his usual "night trains suck" sleeping experience.

If the man selling us tickets had asked us instead of just assigned us a cabin, we would have requested on with a shared bathroom. However, since he didn't communicate with us at all and just assigned us something, we ended up with a private bath with shower. It was the second time Seth had taken a shower on a train and a first for Tara. Things worked out really well on this final night train experience. Especially since we were on for 13 hours, we had plenty of time for dinner, sleep, breakfast and a shower before arriving in Paris for the penultimate train of our journey. Tara was excited to be on a fast French train she it was a first.

Finally, we took a local train from the Geneva train station to the station nearest Sophie's house. She and her son Kevin were there to meet us.

In addition to just hanging out and talking with Sophie at her house, we went to the United Nations building for a tour since that is where she works. The tour of all the conference rooms was neat. We also thought the grounds with peacocks were beautiful with a view out over the lake surrounded by mountains and autumn colors.

We played alot together with Kevin and Christina.

We also got time to catch up with Sophie and Alberto while the kids were sleeping.

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 7
Ease of Journey 3 27 hours in transit from Seville, Spain on four trains
Accommodation n/a
Activities 8
Coolness 6

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