Nov 16 - 19, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We wanted to visit London one last time before flying back home for Thanksgiving since we hadn't seen hardly any of the friends we wanted to see the last two times we'd been in London this summer.

We did pack this trip full of friends: Sonia, Don & Mirium, Jonathan, Yen and Bev & Simon.

We met Sonia at the V&A museum less than 1 hour after arriving at our hotel.

We met Don & Mirium that same night for dinner at our favorite Indian Restaurant in Leichester Square.

We then met Jonathan the next day for lunch at one of his and Seth's old favorite pubs that served Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, the one bartender who they believed was undergoing a sex change from a man to a woman was not working, - so they coudln't determine if the change was sucessful two years down the road. Even so, it was a nice lunch followed by a haircut for both and a shave for Seth.

We had a nice night after seeing Jonathan alone. We decided to ride the London eye. It was fun!!

The next morning, Tara went to breakfast with her friend Yen.

Then, we headed out to Bev & Simon's

It was a fun time in London & we're glad we got to see so many friends.


Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 7
Ease of Journey 5
Accommodation 6
Activities 8
Coolness 6

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