Zaragoza, Spain

Nov 6 - 7, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We were on the bus heading downtown from the airport where we dropped the rental car when we saw this gorgeous sunset.

In Zaragoza, we were able to connect to the Internet, so we didn't get out of the room until nearly 8pm. We went to see some of the big architectural attractions in town and then went searching for a place for dinner.

We ended up at a chain restaurant called "Tapas Bar" where we tried out three types of Spanish Tapas. The Spanish omlet, spicy fries and canneloni were yummy. But, as Seth said in his Locomtions after we got home "Tapas Good. Sangria Better."

Tara thought the water was yummy. 


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Zaragoza is a 3 hour train ride North from Madrid.