Zurich, Switzerland

Septmeber 26 - 29, 2000

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

We enjoyed four days of bright, sunny, summer weather in Zurich.

We came to Zurich now because Seth's former work colleagues from Connecticut, London and Hong Kong were all in town for a conference. It was alot of fun to meet up with them for dinner.

Memories only since Seth has been monopolizing the laptop for Diablo II   :-)

- arriving in the train station: KOOL telephones. no more Rosti bar, blue flying lady. no rooms at the Hilton (Seth's colleagues) or Zum Storchen
- walking around in the morning with others going to work down the Bahnhof Strasse: seeing the UBS signs where SBC used to be. dropping into the Storchen and being remembered
- seeing what the cheap French hotel was like, but not being able to check in for hours
- going to tourist info and getting the hotel RIGHT BY the beerhall wolf. Sleeping. Tara going out to try to get tickets for Greece
- dinner at the Hilton

- arranging dinner with Robi. Deciding not to go to Greece (just too hard to organize. flights full. hotel not answering e-mail & hanging up on me alot)
- Enjoying being in Zurich and finding a free Internet connection at a computer shop showing the new mac cube
- Dinner with Robi and Mosh. Drinks first (all over Tara). Then the view from atop. Then the red light district. (oh, Robi with no hair now). Yummy Italian.
- Seth's drunk friends showing up and drinking/dancing at Beerhall wolf

- Deciding to stay ANOTHER day. Getting a room with TV and Bath. Going to the Leonardo exhibit and enjoying the former needle park behind. Siting on the bench with Seth sleeping and me doing postcards. Excellent weather!
- YummySwiss food at the swords restaurant
- Seth being silly at the lake front

- Laundry and the crazy cow.
- LOTS of internet time. The unexpected decision to go to Murnau
- blowing the budget as Murnau would be pracically free
- cows in the station



Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8
Ease of Journey 6
Accommodation 6
Activities 7
Coolness 8

Tourist Info

Overnight train from Paris-Est station to Zurich main station.
Hotel Limmathof