Mar 13 - 16, 2001

 Our Travel Experience

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Our Travel Experience

 We were not very thrilled with Fiji on our first trip when we stayed at the Hideaway Resort on the Coral Coast. We did not realize that we'd be sharing "our private retreat from the world" with 200 other people! Our second trip, when we stayed at Natadola Beach Resort, with one other couple was much more to our liking!

Hideaway resort was fine - just not exciting in any way for us.  We did get to snorkel on a dead reef. We did enjoy lots of lazy time in our room just reading. Seth got to play a game of volleyball in the pool. Tara really enjoyed looking for shells on the beach. It was wasn't terrific.

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 6
Ease of Journey 3
Activities 5
Coolness 7  
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