Day By Day Activities

We flew from Chicago to Salt Spring Island on July 9th, 2000 and decided to call that Day #1 of our World Tour. Here is a brief overview of our day by day activities. It's amazing how easily you can fill up a full day!

It is now September 3rd 2001 and we are enjoying Day #422.

Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada - July 9 to 12
    Day 1: Flew Chicago to Seattle, Seattle space needle, drove to Vancouver airport, float plane to Salt Spring
    Day 2: Relaxed at rented house all day, dinner cooked on the grill
    Day 3: Big outing to Dairy Queen, Chinese take-away
    Day 4: Sad to leave such a relaxing place, float plane to Vancouver airport, drove to Seattle, flew to San Fran

San Francisco - 12 to 19 July
    Day 4: Rented a car, drove to Matt & Pam's watching the sunset, pizza delivery waiting for us upon arrival
    Day 5: Ferry into the city with Matt, went with Mike, Dasha & friends on their wedding outing to Sanoma Valley
    Day 6: Tara got haircut, Seth played computer games, Mexican dinner + perfect storm movie with Matt & Pam
    Day 7: Drove to Carmel, Seth rented tux, got ready and went to Mike and Dasha's wedding
    Day 8: Lunch with Kim & Matt, drove to San Jose, Thai dinner at home with Chris & Sam
    Day 9: In and Out burgers at home - yum yum, X Men movie
    Day 10: CHiPS to file police report for dented rental car, haircut for Seth, Chuck E. Cheese night out
    Day 11: Flew to London via Chicago, back massages, Chili's & Mrs. Field's cookies in Chicago airport

London - 19 to 23 July
    Day 12: Jonathan picked us up at Heathrow, settled into Imperial College, visited favorite Italian restaurant
    Day 13: Tara swam, called Oxford about next week's classes, saw movie High Fidelity on the King's Road
    Day 14: Tara swam, visited Jonathon's for a yummy BBQ
    Day 15: Took train to Oxford

Oxford, England - 23 to 29 July
    Day 15: Oxford Experience check-in, loved walking past all the "do not enter - student's only" signs
    Day 16: Seth studied Cathedrals, Tara studied Architecture of Oxford, town walking tour
    Day 17: Oxford Experience courses
    Day 18: Oxford Experience courses, Indian instead of Oxford food, talked to Steve about meeting up with him
    Day 19: Course field trips, gyro's from truck after disappointing dinner
    Day 20: Final course day, walked around Oxford together
    Day 21: Packed up and left our room by noon
Gloucester, England - 29 to 30 July
    Day 21: Steve and Naoko picked us up in Oxford, harrowing drive on narrow roads, fish & chip takeaway
    Day 22: Steve and Naoko drove us to Waterloo for our Eurostar train to Paris, motorway breakfast

Paris - 30 July to 3 August
    Day 22: Settled into Hotel California, Walked up and down Champs de Lies, bought Mike & Dasha's present
    Day 23: Tara read in the sunny hotel window, walked to the park, slept on a bench in the sun, met Mike & Dasha
    Day 24: Explored Paris together: ferris wheel, feet soaking at the Lourve, Notre Dame, no jeans on dinner boats
    Day 25: Shopping & the Lourve together, excellent Italian dinner outside
    Day 26: Frantic rush to the airport due to RER strike, met couple from Kentucky, unexpectedly grabbed Coop's butt

Scotland - 3 to 10 August
    Day 26: Grace was at the Edinburgh airport to meet us, picked up Jeff, heard about the old course, drove to xxxxx
    Day 27: Explored castles with Grace & Jeff
    Day 28: Highland games
    Day 29: Drove to Lochness B&B, stopped at Cawdor castle and Fort George on the way
    Day 30: Explored castles, drove to the Isle of Skye
    Day 31: We stayed at the B&B doing nothing while Grace & Jeff explored another castle
    Day 32: Drove to Glasgow, purchased Spain holiday, excellent Amsterdam meal for Jeff's birthday
    Day 33: Decided not to go to Spain, bought ticket at the airport to Copenhagen instead

Copenhagen - 10 to 16 August
    Day 33: Settled into our room in Jette's flat, Netpoint internet cafe, saw Me, Myself and Irene movie, Mexican dinner
    Day 34: Walked into town, Netpoint internet cafe, Indian dinner on main walking street
    Day 35: Movie Galaxy Quest,
    Day 36: Yummy Thai lunch, Netpoint internet cafe
    Day 37: Errands - postcard stamps, toiletries, laundry, internet cafe, dinner at same Italian restaurant on Nyhaven as in 1998
    Day 38: Rented bicycles to ride around town, saw little mermaid again, Tivoli for the evening, made train reservations
    Day 39: Train ride on kool X2000 across new bridge linking Denmark and Sweden

Stockholm - 16 to 20 August
    Day 39: Arrived in Stockholm, waited 2 hours for tourist info, ended up in floating hostel, favorite Italian restaurant
    Day 40: Left hostel first thing, found studio apartment, nice walk into town along water/across bridges, just OK Thai food
    Day 41: Stayed in late, Gladiator matinee, internet, bought groceries for Mexican dinner
    Day 42: Stayed in late, Internet, boat ride to Skansen, couldn't decide on a restaurant so ended up at McDonald's for dinner
    Day 43: Stayed in until 4pm, bought sleeper train tickets North to Lulea, rainy day, early dinner at favorite Italian restaurant

Lulea - 21 to 24 August
    Day 44: Remembered "hidden" credit cards in Stockholm apartment at breakfast, called apartment owner, eyeglass repair
    Day 45: Internet at tiny upstairs cafe, Max Burger, walk home along the water in the rain
    Day 46: Enjoyed laying in the grass and napping at the Gamla Stan church town, Library Internet, The Patriot movie
    Day 47: Early walk through town to train station, beautiful views of clouds from the train, crossed the arctic circle

Narvik - 24 to 26 August
    Day 47: Arrived at dusk, found local mall and called B&B, some shopping, dinner at Pepe's Pizza in mall
    Day 48: Bough cold weather clothes, Library Internet, Investigated Hurtigruten, Mountain lift, Special late shopping night
    Day 49: Hung out in train station waiting for the bus to Tromso, met Swiss guy

Tromso - 26 to 29 August
    Day 49: Long walk to Forsoket B&B, dinner at Chinese restaurant with Swiss guy
    Day 50: Visited the Polar Museum, enjoyed polar seals, walked around Tromso, found Indian restaurant for dinner
    Day 51: Morning in our room, walked into town, enjoyed great views, bought groceries, cooked dinner at home
    Day 52: Bought Hurtigruten tickets, errands in town (postage, scotch tape), Mexican dinner before boarding

Hurtigruten - 29 August to 4 September
    Day 52: Boarded as the sun was setting, watched Tromso receding from deck, went inside and explored ship, found library
    Day 53: Bus trip to the North Cape, decided to stay on-board for longer, bought groceries, first night of lasagna dinner
    Day 54: Tara enjoys sauna, stop at Kirkenes, Library Internet and Locomotions post, more lasagna, Library after dinner
    Day 55: Stop at Hammerfest, more lasagna, Reading in the Library
    Day 56: Up at 5am to see Solberg Fjord, Sailed through Troll Fjord, Mexican dinner from Svolvaer
    Day 57: Organized Servas stay in Trondheim, did laundry, hopped off at one stop
    Day 58: Early morning arrival in Trondheim where we disembarked

Trondheim - 4 to 6 September
    Day 58: Servas host picked us up and made us breakfast, napped and stayed in all day, dinner together at home
    Day 59: We walked into town, stopped at Egon Tower, organized train to Hamar, Klub dinner, views over town, ski jumps
    Day 60: Servas host dropped us off at train station for our morning train, passed good views and Lillihamar

Ottestad - 5 to 10 September
    Day 60: Hamar tourist info found Ottestad B&B, missed bus so took taxi, host cooked dinner, evening in front of the fire
    Day 61: Visited Emigrant museum where no one spoke English, bus into town and nice walk back home, dinner + fire
    Day 62: Old family friend, Berit, showed us around town and where the Solberg house used to be, walked home, fire
    Day 63: Library Internet, stumbled upon American football game, swimming, another gorgeous sunset on the bridge, fire
    Day 64: B&B hosts drove us to the train station for the first leg of our journey.

Long Journey - 10 to 13 September
    Day 64: Train Ottestad to Oslo, lunch in Oslo, train Oslo to Stockholm, retrieved our credit cards
    Day 65: Stayed at studio apartment until as late as possible (6pm), had dinner at favorite Italian restaurant, sleeper train
    Day 66: Transferred very early from sleeper to regular train to Copenhagen, Netpoint Internet, slept through dinner
    Day 67: Extremely early taxi to the train station for 7am flight to London

London - 13 to 24 September
    Day 67: arrival into Heathrow, go direct to KPMG to pick up tax forms, Noto's for Japanese lunch
    Day 68: Tara went swimming at sports center, wandered around our old neighborhood of South Ken
    Day 69: Swimming & sauna, ate on campus for both lunch and dinner, did laundry
    Day 70: Checked e-mail at South Ken station internet, dinner with Gary at favorite Indian place
    Day 71: Swimming & sauna,
    Day 72: Seth bought War and Peace book,
    Day 73: Tara went to lunch with Lisa from work,
    Day 74: Seth had dinner with Sam in Twickenham
    Day 75: Spent the whole day at the Millennium Dome, free Internet, fun body prints,
    Day 76: Cats show with Gary, italian dinner
    Day 77: Dinner at Favorite Italian place,
    Day 78: Eurostar to Paris

Disneyland Paris - 24 to 25 September
    Day 78: Arrived at Disneyland Paris, Settled into "luxurious" hotel room by watching Olympics, Mexican dinner
    Day 79: Early morning internet for Seth until check-out, day at Disneyland Paris, night train to Zurich

Zurich - 26 to 30 September
    Day 80: early AM arrival into station, visited Zum Storchen hotel, found cheaper hotel, dinner with Seth's work colleagues
    Day 81: morning relaxing in hotel, bright sunny window where Tara read, city walking tour, drinks/dinner with Robi & Mosh
    Day 82: Leonardo exhibit at the museum, internet cafe, walking down Hauptbahnhof, nice outside dinner, walked to lake
    Day 83: Laundry, lunch across street at Crazy Cow, LONG time on internet, train station farm display, Thai dinner
    Day 84: Bought German/English dictionary, other supplies for class, train to Munich in our own first class compartment

Murnau, Germany -  30 September to 26 October
    Day 84: Busy, Oktoberfest train from Munich to Murnau, hunted for apartment for a long time, walked into town for dinner
    Day 85: Bought food for cooking at nearby gas station mini-mart, walked to Goethe Institute to check it out
    Day 86: Tara's first day of class, explored downtown Murnau, found child's book store, bakery, butcher, bought toaster
    Day 87: Seth starts tradition of having lunch ready for Tara when she gets home from class, no extra money spent all day
    Day 88: Goethe internet computers found, went shopping at the local A&P store
    Day 89: Tara really enjoys class by now, Seth enjoys staying at home playing computer games
    Day 90:
    Day 91: Second dinner out in Murnau (Greisbrau beer hall)
    Day 92: Day trip to Munich
    Day 93:
    Day 94:
    Day 95: Sent in US voting material
    Day 96:
    Day 97: Overnight train to Florence

Florence & Milan, Italy - 14 to 15 October
    Day 98: Tod & Kristen met us at train, Tara forgot her visa at tourist info, Doumo, Talking on the bridge, yummy food
    Day 99: Train to Milan, Doumo, Excellent dinner, Rush to the train

Murnau, Germany -  30 September to 26 October
    Day 100: Tara slightly late to class
    Day 101: pumpkin carving one night
    Day 102:
    Day 103:
    Day 104: Day trip to Garmish/Partikirchen after class, visited Shelly's house cable car up mountain, lunch, walk down
    Day 105: Tara was at the train station departing to Liechtenstein, many of her class mates also at station going to Augsburg
Liechtenstein -  21 to 22 October
    Day 105: Scenic train ride through mountain valleys South to Innsbruck and then West to Switzerland, bus to Schaal
    Day 106: Walked from Liechtenstein back into Switzerland, train to Munich rerouted thus dinner in Augsburg

Murnau, Germany -  30 September to 26 October
    Day 106: Arrived back into Murnau LATE
    Day 107:
    Day 108: laundry, last minute shopping for German kid's books, packing
    Day 109: more laundry, mailed big box home, more last minute shopping for German kid's books
    Day 110: Bus to Neu Schwanstein (Disney) castle, , bus to local train, local train to Munich, Night train to Florence

San Marino - 27 to 28 October
    Day 111: Train from Florence to Rimini, bus to San Marino, trudged up hill to hotel, enjoyed balcony, nighttime walk in fog
    Day 112: Overnight internet connection, bought postcards & local money, bus to Rimini, train to Florence and then Pisa

Pisa -  28 to 29 October
    Day 112: Found a hotel and then walked across town to the leaning tower, enjoyed sunset w/ friendly black cat
    Day 113: Boarded a train traveling along the Mediterranean coast towards Monaco, had to transfer once at border

Monaco - 29 to 30 October
    Day 113: Trudged around hilly town looking for hotel, got lost in public elevators, Chinese dinner
    Day 114: The hunt for a travel agent, hot milk discovered, casino, Mexican lunch, excellent aquarium, train to Nice

Nice -  30 Oct to 1 Nov
    Day 114: Internet Cafe, Indian dinner
    Day 115: Internet Cafe, Day trip to Cannes to smell piss, avoid stepping in dog shit, see garbage & a dead rat on the beach
    Day 116: Long train ride to Barcelona, had to switch trains once at the border

Barcelona -  1 to 3 November
    Day 116: Arriving felt good, we recognized where we were, stayed in different hotel since old one was full
    Day 117: Visited United ticket agent - twice, big night out at Amsterdam bar to celebrate Seth's birthday, late night internet
    Day 118: Train to Montserrat, accommodation full, back on train to end of line, rented a car, drove to Andorra

Andorra -  3 to 5 November
    Day 118: Late dinner at italian restaurant to celebrate Seth's real birthday
    Day 119: Housekeeping knocks as we're spending so much on the phone (23 calls), beautiful drive around Andorra
    Day 120: Not impressed with Andorra's largest town, drive towards Zaragoza (for train to Madrid), Tara reads map wrong

Sort - 5 to 6 November
    Day 120: Unexpectedly in the cute town of Sort, bought cassette tapes, internet, find an open hotel just at nightfall
    Day 121: Explore back streets of Sort, drive to Zaragoza to return car, lunch at camping place with cats & no electricity

Zaragoza - 6 to 7 November
    Day 121: airport to town bus driver recommends a hotel, yummy tapas dinner,
    Day 122: train to Madrid

Madrid -  7 to 11 November
    Day 122: chose to stay in an Arthur Frommer recommended hotel, walked to where Seth's Mom used to live
    Day 123: explored Madrid by day
    Day 124: Valley of the Fallen day trip
    Day 125: Prada museum in the am, trip to Toledo
    Day 126: Train to Seville

Seville - 11 to 13 November
    Day 126: Excellent, sunny, warm weather, dinner at Tex Mex cafe, walk inside church
    Day 127: Incorrect closing time in tourist info meant we missed the main attraction, sit in park, decide to go to Geneva
    Day 128: Hassle getting train tickets, very luxurious overnight train to Paris with our own bathroom & fancy dinner!

Geneva, Switzerland - 14 to 16 November
    Day 129: Arrive in Geneva after some 24 hours of train travel, Sophie meets us at her local station, day of rest at home
    Day 130: Morning of rest, latest possible tour of UN, enjoyable Swiss dinner of cooked potatoes, play with kids, adults talk
    Day 131: Sophie drives us to the airport for our morning flight to London

London - 16 to 19 November
    Day 131: train from Gatwick to South Ken hotel, met Sonia in the V&A, met Don and his wife at Indian restaurant
    Day 132: banking done from expensive hotel phone, lunch with Jonathan, hair cuts, Seth's shave, London eye, Nihonryori
    Day 133: morning breakfast for Tara with Yen, train out to Bev and Simon's for dinner in High Wycombe
    Day 134: Early departure from hotel, tube to Victoria, bus to Luton Airport, fly to Amsterdam

Amsterdam - 19 to 21 November
    Day 134: Arrival mid-day, tourist info to find a hotel, walk around town looking for lunch, wander looking for Paradise cafe
    Day 135: Van Gogh museum, walk around town in the light rain, yummy pancake dinner,
    Day 136: Early departure from hotel, taxi to train station, train to airport, fly to Atlanta via Washington D.C.
Mableton - 21 to 28 November
    Day 136: See Tara's Aunt Dory and Joe during 2 hour stopover in Wash DC, get picked up by Dad and Kenny in Atlanta
    Day 137: lazy day at Dad's house
    Day 138: Thanksgiving dinner, Local Auction, won $25 in lottery drawing
    Day 139: lazy day at Dad's house
    Day 140: Dinner at Mike & Chris Beranek's house
    Day 141: Shopped for XMas cards at dollar store, Tara wrote out XMas cards, nightime drive through xmas "lights of life"
    Day 142: Lunch at Thai restaurant, wrote out Xmas cards
    Day 143: Flew to Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida with Bob and Eileen - 29 November to 3 December
    Day 143: Waited in Orlando airport for Bob and Eileen's flight, picked up rental car, drove to hotel, dinner in hotel cafe
    Day 144: Universal Studios, The Grinch Movie
    Day 145: Magic Kingdom in the morning, drove to Cape Canaveral for Shuttle launch, Taco Bell in park before launch
    Day 146: Seth stayed in the hotel, Bob, Eileen and Tara went to Epcot, Tara returned for Seth, anniversary Japanese dinner
    Day 147: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Dinner together at hotel
    Day 148: Magic Kingdom during the day, Epcot walk of nations at night
    Day 149: Universal's Islands of Adventure, room service dinner as last night with Bob and Eileen
    Day 150: Bob & Eileen leave, rent car & drive to doctor's, arrive too late, fast food binge begins @ Friendly's and Subway
    Day 151: Doctor's, Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme, Duncan Donuts, Chili's, nap in parking lot, find cheap hotel, MGM studios
    Day 152: Waffle house breakfast tradition begins, MGM Studios for dinner buffet and priority show seating
    Day 153: Waffle house breakfast, subway subs, toll house cookie ice cream sandwich, Proof of Life movie at Pleasure Island
    Day 154: Krispy creme, Steak and Shake, laundry, waffle house for dinner
    Day 155: waffle house for breakfast, orange topped building souvenirs, krispy kreme for the road, drove to Melbourne

Melbourne & Cocoa Beach - 10 to 14 December
    Day 155: Arrive into Melbourne and check into Hilton Melbourne Beach, Excellent room, Mexican dinner
    Day 156: Decide to stay longer, explore beach, shop at Kmart for ramen noodle & ravioli dinner, listen for shuttle landing
    Day 157: Drive from Melbourne to Cocoa Beach, shop at Ron Jon's, free dinner buffet on executive floor
    Day 158: Spend day at Kennedy Space Center, late night drive back to Orlando, listening to Gore concession speech

Orlando, Florida by ourselves - 4 to 19 December (with two weekend trips away)
    Day 158: Late arrival back into same hotel - Travelodge Suites on Highway 192
    Day 159: Back into same rhythm: waffle house for breakfast, Sea World during the day and Epcot for Japanese dinner
    Day 160: Boston Market, Subway, Krispy Kreme, did laundry
    Day 161: waffle house for breakfast before setting out on the drive to Tampa and then Clearwater

Clearwater - 16 to 18 December
    Day 161: Day at Busch Gardens, just see the sunset in Clearwater, find hotel, dinner at yummy italian restaurant
    Day 162: Try to find '92 hotel, find Assault video game, movies in hotel: Wedding Singer & The American President
    Day 163: Drive back to Orlando, miss Hugo's (old work friend's) phone call by a few hours
Orlando - 4 to 19 December (with two weekend trips away)
    Day 163: Back in Orlando in time for an evening at Epcot to see the Millennium walkway, eat Japanese and see laser show
    Day 164: Quick morning trip to The Magic Kingdom before flying to Chicago

Chicago - 20 to 28 December
    Day 164: Landed at Midway, tense trip into city to get rental car before office closed
    Day 165: Drove to Rockford for dinner with Tara's Grandma, Aunt and Uncle
    Day 166: Drove to Chicago to rent room at Hilton, returned car, Tara walked back to rental car to get safety box key, Giordano's pizza
    Day 167: night open hotel room with Steve and Denise, and Gary and Lisa staying next door
    Day 168: morning stopping with GAry and Lisa
    Day 169: breakfast with Mike and Dasha, train out to Tara's Mom's house
    Day 170: Christmas dinner with Tara's Mom and George, went to Tara's Aunt Char's bar for family Christmas party.
    Day 171:
    Day 172:
    Day 173:

Columbus - 29 December 2000 to 19 January 2001
    Day 173:
    Day 174: New Year's Eve italian dinner with Seth's parents, Esther and Ted, Ron and Vera, movie
    Day 175: Met Tim and Jill at Irish Pub
    Day 176: Lunch with Jeanette
    Day 177: Day after day after day of staying at home and not even getting dressed! Ultimate relaxation.
    Day 178: Dinner at Mark and Tara's house
    Day 179:
    Day 180:
    Day 181:
    Day 182:
    Day 183:
    Day 184:
    Day 185:
    Day 186:
    Day 187:
    Day 188: Flew to St. Louis

Columbia - 12 to 14 January
    Day 188: Drove from St. Louis to Columbia, dinner with Rez and Steph at indian restaurant, cute cafe for desert
    Day 189: Lazy morning hanging out, bowling, driving tour around town and homemade lasagna at home
    Day 190: Departed after breakfast, drove to St. Louis, flew back to Columbus

Columbus - 29 December 2000 to 19 January 2001
    Day 190:
    Day 191:
    Day 192:
    Day 193:
    Day 194:
    Day 195: Flew from Columbus to Chicago on Southwest

Chicago - 19 to 26 January
    Day 195: Landed at Midway, El into downtown, Metra to Braeside, walk to Nancy & Pete's house, pizza dinner
    Day 196: morning trip to downtown Chicago with Pete, Thai dinner ordered in with N&P + friend, footrubs
    Day 197: Drove to Niki and AJ's house for dinner
    Day 198: Nancy dropped us at where Tara's Mom was working, George cooked us dinner
    Day 199: lazy day at Tara's Mom's house, taking digital photos of old family photos
    Day 200: rented car, met Jeff & Grace's new baby Steven, ran baby errands, pizza at Chris and Kim's house, drove in snow
    Day 201: frantic packing, last-minute Christmas shopping, train to Chicago, taxi to Darren's, Mexican margaritas with Niki
    Day 202: way, way, way too early flight, taxi to O'Hare

Vancouver - 26 January to 4 February
    Day 202: Arrive into Seattle airport, hunt for Bob and Eileen, drive to Vancouver, Dairy Queen along the way!
    Day 203:
    Day 204:
    Day 205:
    Day 206:
    Day 207:
    Day 208:
    Day 209:
    Day 210:
    Day 211: Amtrak train to Seattle, taxi to airport hotel, enjoy hot tub and sauna

Relaxing in the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii- 5 to 9 February
    Day 212: early departure, grab breakfast, fly to Honolulu, taxi to Hilton, wait 2 hours for room cleaning, Japanese dinner
    Day 213:
    Day 214:
    Day 215:
    Day 216:
    Day 217: Bishop Museum, bought star gazing software, taxi to airport, fly to Maui

Pa'ia, Maui, Hawaii- 10 to 12 February
    Day 217: Rent convertible car, drive to Pa'ia studio apartment, dinner in Pa'ia town
    Day 218: Stayed at the Pa'ia studio apartment all day, computer web work/games, studying Japanese
    Day 219: Drove to Kihei, stopped at the Kea Lani, walked to where we were married, toured show suite
    Day 220: Drive to Hana

Hana, Maui, Hawaii and stayed a while- 13 to 17 February.
    Day 220: Lunchtime arrival in Hana, ate at the Hana Hotel, stayed at Joe's place
    Day 221: Switched to more expensive hotel overlooking black rock beach for Valentine's day, stormy day, big waves
    Day 222:
    Day 223:
    Day 224:
    Day 225:

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii to visit Kim - 18 February
    Day 225: Drive from Hana to Wailea, eat at Kim's restaurant, watch whales, Kim's for dinner/games, bar for karaoke
    Day 226: Breakfast together, short stop at the beach, drive to airport, return rental car, Mexican lunch, fly to LA

Los Angeles to visit Disney's new California Adventure - 19 to 22 February & 26 February
    Day 226: drove from LAX to cheap hotel in Annaheim
    Day 227: California Adventure, drove to Seth's Aunt Jan's in N. Hollywood, got lost in Bel Air, dinner with Jan & Jules
    Day 228: Getty museum, dinner at home with Jan, Jules, xxx (not Joey) and friend, Seth fixed VCR, Tara did taxes
    Day 229: Bank transfer into E-Trade, drove to Disneyland, Yoshinoya, comic shop, Disneyland, Cal Adventure hotel dinner
    Day 230: drove to LAX, noon flight to Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 23 to 25 February
    Day 230: E and Jesse met us at airport, drove to E & Julianne's, Southwestern/Mexican dinner together
    Day 231: Hung out at home and talked, went to grocery, BBQ lunch, Yummy Thai dinner
    Day 232: Hung out at home, ate leftovers, E drove us to airport, delayed flight back to LA

Los Angeles to visit Disney's new California Adventure - 19 to 22 February & 26 February
    Day 233: Early AM arrival into LAX, nice time at Four Point Sheraton hotel, a few hours in Disneyland, flight to Sydney
    Day 234: Full day on the airplane, lost time due to crossing the international dateline

Sydney, Australia - 28 February to 3 March
    Day 235: Relaxed in Kelly's apartment. Tara went for groceries.
    Day 236: Explored Darling Harbor. Seth went to dentist. Circular Quay Museum of Modern Art. Thai dinner with Kelly
    Day 237: Met work friends for Japanese lunch. Went to Bondi Beach
    Day 238: Relaxed in Kelly's apartment. Investigated Fiji hotels on line. Taronga Zoo. Mardi Gras Parade
    Day 239: Kelly drove us to the airport and we headed to Melbourne

Kooyong, Melbourne, Australia - 4 to 6 March
    Day 239: Bus and train to Kooyong. Met Servas hosts. Rode in their Rolls Royce to St. Kilda. Italian family dinner.
    Day 240: Relaxed at Servas host family. Tara studied Japanese in the garden. Seth wrote e-mails to friends and napped.
    Day 241: Said good-bye after breakfast

Melbourne, Australia - 7 to 12 March
    Day 241: Lorraine dropped us at local train station, train to city, walk to YWCA hotel
    Day 242: got haircuts, wandered around Melbourne's downtown
    Day 243: nighttime performance of Circ du Solei
    Day 244: lots of souvenier shopping at Victoria Market, don't go shopping the day you know you're sending a box home!
    Day 245: Moomba "weird & artsy" nighttime entertainment
    Day 246: Dandegong Blue Mountains with Servas host family
    Day 247: Moomba tram parade, provisioned ourselves for the South Pacific: books, mosquito netting
    Day 248: taxi to bus terminal, bus to airport, flew to Fiji via Sydney, Qantas business center internet

Fiji's Coral Coast - 13 to 16 March
    Day 248: arrive at sunset, van transfer to Hideaway Resort, dinner at hotel, mosquito net antics, try to sleep in hot room
    Day 249: snorkelling in the morning followed by shell hunting, Tara's legs sunburnt by afternoon
    Day 250: Tara goes shell hunting in the early AM, Seth played pool volleyball, reading by pool
    Day 251: public bus to airport, travel agent finds us great hotel: get massages, sunset at beach, good dinner, cats, internet
    Day 252: 5:30am van transfer to airport, flew to Tonga
Fafa Island
    Day 252: Van p/u at airport, stopped at stores, boat to island, eaten alive by mosquitos, sunset walk, animal chewing on hut
    Day 253: Day at restaurant table, couple from Melbourne, Tara walks around island, dinner under stars, flashlight on crabs
    Day 254: Spend day near hut, Tara gets 10+ nasty mosquito bites while in hammock 30 minutes, raining ants at night
    Day 255: Crab inside mosquito netting is our saviour/he ate the ants, Escape from Fafa island!

    Day 255: Check into clean, bug-free hotel near ferry dock, go to dinner with Melbourne friend's
    Day 256: Have to move hotels, taxi tour around the island, buffet & dance performance at International Dateline Hotel
    Day 257: Very enjoyable walk around town, take taxi to Otuhaka Beach Resort that we'd seen yesterday

Otuhaka Beach Resort
    Day 258: Pretty sunset all by ourselves, but within shouting distance, meet other travelers with kids
    Day 259: Roosters wake Seth up early, walk along beach, relax in "luxury apartment", gorgeous sunset, kids dance show
    Day 260: Breakfast, Van transfer to airport (with young girl climbing all over father while driving)

Natadola Beach - 24 to 26 March
    Day 261: Seth reads magazine article on Natadola Beach, unpaved roads to resort, happy to see our room, sunset all alone
    Day 262: Relax all day by the pool and in room, enjoy luxurious surroundings, nap, another sunset
    Day 263: In room 'til 6:30pm, snorkeling with "king" Joe, relax, nap, gorgeous sunset as we drive to airport, fly to Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand - 27 to 28 March
    Day 264: Seth arrives in Auckland airport with pain in his leg, ambulance to hospital, ultrasound in the am, released at noon

Tokyo - 29 March to 5 April & 13 April to 17 April
    Day 264:
    Day 265:
    Day 266:
    Day 267:
    Day 268:
    Day 269:
    Day 270:
    Day 271:

Matsushima - 5 to 6 April
    Day 271: Took shinkansen train only to Sendai for the night as Tara had a nasty headache
    Day 272: Took train, cruise past industrial section and then interesting islands, island temple, rock garden, train to Aomori

Doraemon Town - 6 to 7 April
    Day 272: late, 9pm, arrival, turned away from various ryokan and B&B, find semi-scary (but clean) business hotel, dinner
    Day 273: Throughly exciting day for Tara, train to Doraemon town with all the other 3 year olds!

Hirosaki - 7 to 8 April
    Day 273: Train to Hirosaki for the castle, reputedly the most beautiful Japanese women, find nice ryokan, go for ramen
    Day 274: Lazy morning in room connected to internet, walk through castle gardens, big bell at pagoda, explore train options

Tokyo - 8 to 9 April
    Day 274: Decide on taking the train to Tokyo, on a train from 4pm to 11pm
    Day 275: Quick stopover at Tod and Kristen's instead of an expensive, non-private sleeper train

Fukuyama - 9 April
    Day 275: Saw a big castle from train so got off for an hour, cherry blossum food stalls, yummy creme puffs, rush to the train

Hiroshima- 9 to 10 April
    Day 275: late afternoon arrival into Hiroshima, find a minshuku (not that nice), go out for ramen
    Day 276: Peace Museum and park, pleasant walk to Hiroshima castle and back, train to Miyajima

Miyajima - 10 to 12 April
    Day 276: Boat to Miyajima, friendly Japanese man helped us get a room, nighttime photos of tori, okonomiyaki dinner
    Day 277: Lazy morning in room, walked through main temple to aquarium, met little penguin, happy-seeming animals
    Day 278: Day walk up mountain, enjoyed nature and deer along the path, decided to walk to the summit

Himeji - 12 April to 13 April
    Day 278: A British guy mentioned Himeji to us, nighttime walk in deserted shopping arcade, cherry blossum parties at castle
    Day 279: Morning shopping, found Doraemon cassette tapes, Shinkansen train back to Tokyo

Tokyo - 29 March to 5 April & 13 April to 17 April
    Day 279: Arrived back at Tod & Kristen's in time for boy's poker party and girls onsen visit
    Day 280: AM run to Mister Donut, day at home, Doreamon store, dinner at Roppongi Indian place with T&K + Dalben
    Day 281: another lazy day at home, ran to Olympic with Kristen for errands, Jonathan's for lunch, dinner at home
    Day 282: Tara, Seth & Kristen to Ginza to p/u camera, S&K to Akihabara, all 4 to Nakameguro for italian dinner
    Day 283: late leaving house, left package for Kristen to mail, got footrubs before Narita Express, flew to Auckland

Auckland - 17 to 18 April
    Day 283: long layover at airport, walked to nearby Warehouse store, stocked up on toiletries, paid Seth's hospital bill

Cook Islands - 18 to 24 April
    Day 283: April 18th again (due to Intl Date Line)
    Day 284: Tara starts round-the-island walk
    Day 285: Tara continues round-the-island-walk & finds Palm Grove Lodge, Snorkeling at Edgewater
    Day 286: Moved from Edgewater Resort to Palm Grove Lodge. Paradise Found! Snorkeling, relaxing
    Day 287: Tara walks, Day spent in and around room:snorkeling, reading, napping; star gazing from the beach for hours
    Day 288: Snorkeling at the Fruits of Rarotonga, walked together, wild East coast beach, ride into town, Italian dinner
    Day 289: Full last day in Palm Grove

Papeete - 25 to 27 April (and in transit on May 4 & 9)
    Day 290: 1am arrival into Papeete, taxi to Royal Papeete hotel, need flashlight in stairwell, find sausage under bed - scary!
    Day 291: Lan Chile office to buy Easter Island tickets, post office to mail shells home, sunset & dinner trucks
    Day 292: Explore Papeete town and market, buy Tara shirts, can't mail home due to post strike, sunset & dinner trucks
    Day 293: Explore town more, dinner, get to sleep early, Leave Royal Papeete hotel at 1am for the flight to Easter Island

Easter Island - April 27 to May 3
    Day 293: Arrive just before noon, choose a guest house, take a nap, walk into town for sunset, see first head, dinner
    Day 294: Rent Luis' jeep, Anakena beach, climb hill, 2nd beach, 15 maoi, climb over volcano crater, guesthouse dinner
    Day 295: Rent jeep again, drive up other volcano, walk to and explore birdman houses, shelter from rain, inner-island maoi
    Day 296: Relaxed in room, headed into town for lunch and errands, one hour at post office!
    Day 297: Another relaxing day in room, rainy day, Tara went into town alone for postcards
    Day 298: Rent jeep again, explore smaller sites, meet David & 'Zan, drive through farmers field to volcano, dinner together
    Day 299: Internet, tourist shopping in town, overpriced Tshirts/postcards/statues, save money by eating bread, 10pm flight

Papeete - 25 to 27 April (and in transit on May 4 & 9)
    Day 300: Arrival at 2am, find Airport Lodge, sleep, back to airport, buy Bora Bora tickets, Sheraton lunch, fly to Bora Bora

Bora Bora - 4 to 9 May
    Day 300: Arrival into Bora Bora, we rent car to explore accommodation, May and Ben come with, Italian dinner together
    Day 301: Drive around Bora Bora in car, run into Mary and Ben in town, go to German place for internet & sunset
    Day 302: Rented a boat for snorkeling with Mary & Ben
    Day 303: Relaxed all day in our beach front cottage
    Day 304: Scuba diving with manta rays
    Day 305: 10am checkout and van to ferry dock, boat to ferry, plane to Papeete, final shopping,

Papeete - 25 to 27 April (and in transit on May 4 & 9 to 10)
    Day 305: Shopping in Papeete, pick up forgotten visa at Royal Papeete hotel, internet, dinner at trucks with Mary & Ben
    Day 306: Leave Airport Lodge at 2am, happy we can go "straight" to Auckland via Cook Islands & Fiji, airport shopping

Auckland - 11 to 19 May
    Day 307: mid-day arrival, Airbus to city, 5-star Hilton splurge, ordered room service, went to sleep early
    Day 308: Errands: buy toiletries, shoe polish, phone card, boxes to send stuff home; Japanese dinner
    Day 309: Walked around town, went up the Sky Tower for great view, Pizza Hut delivery
    Day 310: Lazy hotel AM (internet, reading, napping), Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic & Underwater World, Pizza Hut again
    Day 311: Lazy hotel AM (internet, reading, napping), shopping at Warehouse, made dinner with new toaster
    Day 312: Spent whole day at the Zoo, ate at Mexican cafe near the Sky Tower
    Day 313: Hotel all day! Only left room when the hotel's fire alarm went off - kept internet connection open, Pizza Hut again
    Day 314: Lazy hotel AM (more internet, packing), too rainy to rent campervan, Airport Budget Lodge for laundry

Wenderholm National Park - 19 to 20 May
    Day 315: Picked up campervan, Seth drove North until it started raining, ended up in same place we were seven years ago

Waipu Cove - 20 to 23 May
    Day 316: Tara drove campervan, stopped at Lang's beach, invited to tea, nice conversation, found excellent campground
    Day 317: Relaxed all day at Waipu Cove, Tara collected shells, Seth finished Dungeon Keeper II computer game
    Day 318: Early morning boat trip, Tara collected & organized shells, walk to Shelly beach, ping pong & billiards

Kerikeri - 24 to 26 May
    Day 319: Seth drove, Pizza Barn for lunch, Whangaeri for groceries, met stocky b/w cat, Kerikeri at nightfall
    Day 320: Relaxed all day at Pagoda Lodge Campground, discovered internet connection worked, wrote mails/postcards
    Day 321: Relaxed, Didn't even make campervan bed, wrote more mail/postcards, finished address contact list, trampolene

To/From Cape Reinga - 27 to 31 May
    Day 322: Early AM boat trip, Tara drove, Kerikeri shopping, Manganoui Fish&Chips, Waitiki Landing after nightfall, Xena
    Day 323: Seth drove early to Cape Reinga, At Cape all alone, 90 mile beach, KFC lunch in Kaitai, Russell at nightfall
    Day 324: Explored Russell, Seth drove, beautiful roadside lunch, big kauri tree, Baylys Beach after dark, Funky Fish Cafe
    Day 325: Rainy morning at the beach, Tara drove to Waipu Cove, settled in and relaxed
    Day 326: Stormy night/rainy day at Waipu Cove, Up early to explore beach - NO Shells!, laundry/billiards/ping pong
    Day 327: Seth drove to Auckland, left toaster at good home, lots of stops along the way: lunch, post, inlaid box purchase

Auckland - 31 May to 5 June
    Day 327: Great city view from the bridge, dropped luggage at Hilton & then returned camper, UK banking late at night
    Day 328: Lazy morning at the hotel w/ internet connection. Afternoon trip to Downtown shopping mall, travel planning
    Day 329: Lazy day spent fully in the hotel connected to the internet, flight to South island and KL/Singapore booked
    Day 330: Happy BDay Tara - Coast to Coast Walkway from downtown to Mt. Eden, surprise cake, missing teddy bear
    Day 331: Lazy day in room, Tara searched for Hilton 1 teddy bear, bought warm clothes for South Island
    Day 332: 5pm check-out not late enough, packed, bought Sing tickets & contacts, taxi to airport, fly to Christchurch

Christchurch - 5 June to 7 June
    Day 332: Shuttle to Windsor B&B, short walk around town, late dinner
    Day 333: early start, read magazines in library, cathedral, arts center, botanical garden, city tram, Japanese dinner, library
    Day 334: after another yummy cooked breakfast (with beans for Tara), took shuttle bus to train station

South Island - 7 to 15 June
    Day 334: scenic train to Greymouth, rented car, drove to Pancake rocks, met British couple, hotel on rocky beach front
    Day 335: collected beach rocks, rocks @ high tide, drove to Fraz Joseph: Greymouth Warehouse, Hokitika kiwi house
    Day 336: rainy day indoors, enjoyed the hospitality of Holly Homestead B&B (lunch and laundry), Tara worked on web
    Day 337: drove to small coast town w/ very wild beach with constant waves, hiked up the Franz Joseph glacier in shorts!
    Day 338: drove all day Franz Joseph to Queenstown through absolutely gorgeous scenery, Seth found bowl, Cow pizza
    Day 339: bad winds for ballooning, so relaxed inside in the AM, explored town, rode gondola & fun luges, subway dinner
    Day 340: bad winds for ballooning, drove all day until we nearly ran out of gas in Cheviot, surprise dinner at The Paddock
    Day 341: drove to Kaikoura, saw seals on rocks, bad winds for whale watching so saw more seals, found paua shells
    Day 342: visited last N.Z. beach (Gore Bay), drove to Christchurch, flew to Auckland,

Auckland - 15 to 17 July
    Day 342: picked up tickets & contacts, settled back into the Hilton, everyone asked us about our trip, ordered Pizza Hut
    Day 343: sent home winter clothes, bought Warehouse sneakers, Tara had headache, went to Thai by Skytower for dinner
    Day 344: nice morning in hotel until 11am, then mad rush to get to airport: airbus was late, immigration line long, were paged
Kuala Lumpur - 17 to 20 July
    Day 344: enjoyed 11 hour flight w/ great entertainment system & good service, immediately went to airport hotel
    Day 345: airport hotel until noon, queried MAS on one-way ticket to no avail, settled into deluxe hotel downtown, never left
    Day 346: early start to see Twin Towers, explored mall, walked across town for Citibank, hotel pool, KL Tower at sunset
    Day 347: stayed close to the hotel instead of Batu Caves, 291 steps to see monkeys, hotel pool, early arrival at airport

Singapore - 20 June to 11 July
    Day 347 - no problem getting into Singapore without onward tickets, met Mike at his hotel, italian restaurant,
    Day 348 - Mike went to work, we explored Orchard Road, enjoyed hotel pool, dinner at Taco Bell, Swordfish movie
    Day 349 - All three of us went to CommunicAsia, met back at hotel, yummy dinner at Mezza9 in Hyatt Hotel
    Day 350 - said bye to Mike, moved in with Sam, lazy am, late start to Sentosa Island to see sandcastles, lots of walking
    Day 351 - lazy am, with Sam mid-day for Dragon Boat Races, Kool Lion Dance, Shrek movie, Clarke Quay dinner
    Day 352 - Sam went to work, lazy day for us, enjoyed Sam's pool for hours, dinner with Eileen, her husband and her son
    Day 353 - another lazy day for us, MTV classics, travel planning with BA, quick swim, Newton circus for dinner with Sam
    Day 354 - another lazy day, fun playing in pool together, Tara walked to Orchard (BA & grocery store), dinner at home
    Day 355 - another lazy day, finalized flights home to U.S., Seth & Jeanette had dinner, Tara, Sam & Jac had pepper crab
    Day 356 - Cinnabon bfast, Orchard Rd. exploring, final swim at Sam's, checked into the Ritz Carlton, Evolution movie, bath
    Day 357 - slept in late, Tara enjoyed the pool, Seth slept in even later, BBQ at Pat's with lots of friends from Singapore
    Day 358 - Seth drank too much caffeine at Pat's & went to sleep at 7am! Tara went to Japanese & Chinese Gardens
    Day 359 - Chinese consulate in the AM, Atlantis movie, afternoon at the pool
    Day 360 - Tara lunch with Jaclyn and Sam - Taco Bell was CLOSED :-(, Seth in room playing Sanctum, pool
    Day 361 - Happy July 4th: US food Denny's and KPC, locked out of our room so lucky to get executive floor access
    Day 362 - delicious free breakfast upstairs, both went to doctor, lunch with Sam in lounge, Tara WWTBAM, Seth Jeanette
    Day 363 - didn't feel good in the morning, Tara lunch with Cat, Seth lunch with Grace & Jeanette, food court dinner
    Day 364 - said good-bye to the Ritz, mailed postcards & boxes home, went back to Sam's for relaxing evening at home
    Day 365 - Eileen's family for lunch at chicken farm, Sentosa Butterfly park/underwater world, dinner with Paul
    Day 366 - day trip to Bintan: ferry, Mayang Sari resort for lunch, Tara collected shells, Seth sweat, shopping, ferry home
    Day 367 - lazy morning, errands from Sam's house (JR Pass, Post), back to the Ritz, doctor, key pass to Jac, food court
    Day 368 - 4am wake up call and 4:30am taxi to airport for 6am Northwest flight to Tokyo (frequent flier flight)

Tokyo - 11 July to 27 July (and 6 to 8 August)
    Day 368 - four seats in the middle to Tokyo, easy navigating Narita to T&K's, dinner at Brendan's pizza with T,K & Mike
    Day 369 - China travel planning, Tonkatsu lunch with Tod & Kristen, Sony store, Grilled BBQ dinner
    Day 370 - Inside the computer room all day, met Tod after work to see floating lanterns, local festival, Mexican dinner
    Day 371 - Another lazy day spent primarily on computers, Seth watched DVDs, Tara slept, BBQ dinner
    Day 372 - Yet another day spent at home as weather outside is SO HOT, delivery pizza for dinner
    Day 373 - After another day at home, met Steve and went to his house for dinner with Naoko & baby, massage chair
    Day 374 - Tara had lunch with Philippe, Miki & Soon ki. Seth had lunch with Egon. footrubs with Kristen, found Doraemon books on the walk home, made curry
    Day 375 - Tara had afternoon drinks for Natsuyo then met Seth and Ben for Mexican. Dairy Queen in Shinjuku (Tara only)
    Day 376 - Seth had lunch with Robin. Tara ran travel errands (tickets to China) Enjoyed park we used to have lunch in. Went to Dalben's place. Seth borrowed clothes, dinner in basement
    Day 377 - Lunch at Shinagawa TGI Fridays with Kondo and wife, Yokohama fireworks, friendly English-speaking Jehova Witnesses, the fast dash home
    Day 378 - Lunch at Mexican Hibiya with bored, Toy store visit, American-style BBQ with hamburgers
    Day 379 - Morning at home with Tod & Kristen, went to Tokyo station, bought Southbound tickets - then changed to Northbound

Japan travel: Akita, Kisakata, Atsumi Onsen - 22 to 25 July
    Day 379 - Shinkansen from Tokyo to Akita, Akita was smaller and smelled of cedar trees, dinner in station + MisterDonut
    Day 380 - train to Kisakata, waiting for train in nice waterfountain filled park, nap in ryokan, dinner w/ plant delivery, talking of returning home, sunset walk, bug I was concerened with, kids with fireworks on beach
    Day 381 - train to Atsumi onsen, taxi to onsen hotel area, no maps, no tourist info, expensive Fodor's choice: Tachibanya, "we never eat seafood", special ryokan stay with meals served in our room
    Day 382 - headed back to Tokyo, local train with almost Railey Beach views, then Shinkansen

Tokyo - 25 to 27 July
    Day 382 - settled back into Tod & Kristen's
    Day 383 - Tara ran errands (post office/Oregon info), packed little backpacks for China, dinner at local ramen shop
    Day 384 - early 7am departure for Tokyo station, green car N'EX, JAL plane delay, Philippe patched us to Seth's parents

Beijing - 27 to 30 July
    Day 384 - afternoon arrival into Beijing, walked along Wangfu street, food stalls for dinner
    Day 385 - craft factory stop, Simatai Great Wall, cable car up & down, walked along the top, Yoshinoya
    Day 386 - walked to Forbidden City, lunch in Outback on Wangfu, acrobats, Peking duck dinner
    Day 387 - Temple of Heaven in the morning, quick taxi ride to the airport

Xi'an - 30 to 31 July
    Day 387 - Afternoon flight to Xi'an, easy dinner in hotel pub, darts
    Day 388 - Terra Cotta Warriors, spa area for showers/massages, very delayed flight to Chongqing

Yangtze River Cruise - 31 July to 4 August
    Day 388 - CITS ride to docks, "porters" surprise at no luggage, cable car down to boat, explored boat
    Day 389 - First views of the Yangtze River, massages for Seth & Kristen, Fengdu village for Tod, Kristen & Tara
    Day 390 - All day outing down the Lesser Three Gorges, learned Majong at night with big crowd watching
    Day 391 - Morning visit to the Three Gorges Dam, relaxing full day on the boat, played majong, saw scenery
    Day 392 - Morning adjustment to flights, Tod not feeling well, declined "carpet factory" tour on way to airport

Shanghai - 4 August to 6 August
    Day 392 - Executive floor Hilton rooms with sweeping views, free drinks, bought majong set, room service in T & K's room
    Day 393 - relaxing late morning start, Pearl Tower (madhouse), Seth and Tara went shopping for majong sets, hotel dinner
    Day 394 - big storm overnight, one final game of majong in the hotel, flooded city views on way to airport

Tokyo - 6 to 8 August
    Day 394 - good feeling of coming home upon arrival back into Tokyo, Korean BBQ dinner nearby T&K's
    Day 395 - Tara had lunch at Shiozaki sensei's, museum/cemetary, school charms, Seth banking errands, lunch w/ Steve
    Day 396 - packing, borrowed a suitcase from Tod & Kristen, afternoon departure, disappointing 1st class flight on American

Seattle - 8 to 9 August
    Day 396 - madhouse @ airport, hotel rooms booked, horribly expensive cars, napped, walked around closed dwtn at 7pm
    Day 397 - Drove from Seattle downtown to suburb, Emuclaw, more problems getting a room, found nice room in Sumner Bavarian Motel, dinner at Mr. & Mrs. "Groks"

Oregon - 9 to 13 August
    Day 398 - drove to & around Eugene, OR, found cheap downtown inn, walked around empty streets, good dinner outside
    Day 399 - drove around more parts of Eugene, all general run-down houses, fun Scandinavian fest in nearby town
    Day 400 - drove to Crater Lake, fed chipmunks,no place to stay, drove South and ended up in Grants Pass. pizza hut dinner
    Day 401 - drove further South towards California, nice scenery along 199, stopped at border, had to eat mango

Northern California - 13 to 14 August
    Day 401 - absolutely gorgeous redwood trees, cute/lively Arcata, very nice houses up on hill, microwave dinner at HoJo
    Day 402 - drove along the coast, saw Eureka (lots of homeless), again saw stunning redwood scenery

Oregon - 14 to 15 August
    Day 402 - stopped at picturesque area in South Oregon, nice ocean views, dinner in cute/lively Florence, lots more driving
    Day 403 - pre checkout departure, stopped at aviation museum in McMinnville, Thai lunch in Portland on the way to Seattle

Seattle - 15 to 16 August
    Day 403 - Went to Pike Place Market for BBQ dinner items, nice evening at Dina's with Nancy and Trace
    Day 404 - Quick run into cute town by Tara & Dina, Delicious breakfast cooked by Dina, Tara and Dina got haircuts

Vancouver - 16 to 17 August
    Day 404 - Arrived into Canada at 4pm, bad traffic into city, Tara had dinner with Yen on waterfront, Seth at B&E's
    Day 405 - Tara & Eileen / Seth & Bob went on errands: library, gas, buying lunch, returning rental car, magazines, packing

Salt Spring - 17 to 26 August

    Day 405 - Arrived at house at 5pm, GORGEOUS views, had to leave for groceries, had pizza outside on balcony
    Day 406 - Morning trip to town for Saturday market & bagels, grilled hot dog lunch, lazy afternoon, ftp to new web, majong
    Day 407 - Spent all day at the house, majong morning and night, long naps/reading, sunset on the rocks by the water, curry
    Day 408 - Spent all day at the house, lovely sunny afternoon, grilled brats for lunch & burgers for dinner, majong
    Day 409 - Seth made pancakes for bfast, web page writing, went to town for lunch/groceries, queried teacher certification
    Day 410 - Lazy day at home, Bob & Eileen went for dinner in town, we talked of future careers and cleaned house
    Day 411 - Seth made pancakes for a late bfast, very lazy day with many naps
    Day 412 - Another lazy day spent enjoying books, the view and a gorgeous sunset
    Day 413 - We were forced to leave the house since we'd run out of food, dinner in Ganges, followed by ice cream
    Day 414 - busy day preparing for our 4pm ferry, morning packing & laundry, garbage drop-off in town, lunch & DQ

Vancouver - 26 Aug to ??

    Day 414 - immediately ordered Thai delivery after arriving home, Eileen & Tara went shopping after dinner, very tired dogs
    Day 415 - lunch in Karrisdale, way too much shopping (Doraemon pitcher, photo albums, books), vidoes,
    Day 416 - Cats & Dogs movie in "dying mall", dinner at home followed by desert emporium near SeaBus
    Day 417 - Bob and Eileen go back to work, dogs go to day care, talk a lot about future, buy dinner in village, cut back lawn
    Day 418 - Talk more about what to do in the future, watch Keeping the Faith at home (good!), Tara doesn't eat... headache
    Day 419 - drive North to Squamish, pretty horseshoe bay for lunch, house viewing in Lions Bay, dinner at Doug & Trudy's
    Day 420 - Watched Election & Never Been Kissed videos
    Day 421 - Lazy day at home, walked to village with B,E,B&K, Bob made pasta, played majong until Tara won after dinner
    Day 422 - Lunch at Sushiman, errands & shopping, green curry at home, The Dish, Route Maps web creation